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clusion GmbH was founded in 2009 with the purpose to support national business partners with their expansion plans into foreign countries and also international business partners who would like to enter the national markets. A detailed overview of our portfolio of services that we offer can be seen on the following web page SERVICE PORTFOLIO.


The ongoing globalization trend and the need of networking throughout the whole value chain has guided the name of the company by forming a combination of two words:


cluster = A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and globally


decision = Finding / making decisions


This combination describes the concept of the services offered: creation of decisions across the different project phases through pooling the knowledge of the project participants. This process can then result in temporary marketing or the creation / management of temporary project companies.

Alexander Miskiw
Alexander Miskiw

Founder and General Manager of clusion GmbH. Since the early 90’s Alex has been active in sector of sales, marketing, product- and project management for IT-Hardware with focus on display technologies (CRT,TFT, LED, Human-Machine-Interface, Digital Signage – especially for Outdoor application and customer / project solutions).  He gained during his working time extensive experience in autonomous management responsibilities for set-up, management and execution of business units for medium size enterprises from Asia and Europe.

Project Teams

The qualification of the project personnel must always fulfil the explicit needs of the project in terms of technical, methodological and project management expertise. For ensuring this need there is an external network of experts available to provide the relevant expertise throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Ethic codex



Members of the clusion-Team has, while working with projects, an essential significance in bringing about sustainable development in a community, society, and environment. For this reason it is imperative for the clusion team members to practice the trade in such an ethical way, that they earn and maintain the trust of the associates, colleagues, subordinates, superiors, customers and the general public.


With other words, all decisions needs to be oriented on the  following core values:


Responsibility, competence and integrity



All members of a clusion-team maintains and promotes the reputation and appreciation of their colleagues and partners. Pursues to increase the knowledge of project management as a profession and increase the esteem thereof among the general public. Assumes responsibility of one’s actions, decisions and agreed targets. Assumes project management activities, for which one has sufficient competence. Employs one’s know-how to reaching the project targets.



All members of a clusion team maintains and continuously develops one’s professional skills in all aspects of project management paying special attention to project leadership methods, tools and contextual environment management and to developing one’s own personal properties. Enhances the appreciation and good reputation of own profession by practicing it in a dignified and professional way.



All members of a clusion team treats all project parties, project staff and stakeholders equally regardless of race, nationality, rank, religion, gender, handicap, age, sexual orientation, membership in a specific interest group, or political background. Is impartial in all advice given, assessments made, and decisions taken. Avoids conflicts of interests, and tries actively to eliminate such situations with other parties of such conflicts. Acts under all circumstances in a way which respects other project participants’ and parties’ legal rights and interests. Assesses other’s performance righteously.


Finally all clusion team members does not damage other’s property, operation or reputation. Promotes individual rights, equality, self-fulfillment, rest, recreation and realization of human dignity in the general society. Is open to constructive criticism and offers this to others, not forgetting to thank people as warranted. Furthermore, Executes assignments in the agreed way and assesses own actions in an honest way. Reports progress and all other items, that may affect project implementation and reaching of targets truthfully and sincerely. Accepts nothing which impedes or may be thought to impede professional judgment.

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